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Reviews & News

Renoun Does It Again: 2021 Earhart Women's Model

Cyrus Schenk and the team he recruited to develop a ski designed by women for women at Renoun have an award-winning ski on their hands.  Utilizing Renoun's patented application of its non-Newtonian VibeStop™ (HDT) polymer, the woman-specific geometry and componentry of the Earhart 88 has been refined through focus group testers on-snow and the result is pretty darn impressive.  The Earhart 88 is an all-mountain, frontside-oriented ski which is superbly easy to ski for a wide range of skiers, yet can deliver an authoritative carving prowess at low, medium and high speeds under a variety of intensities with smooth, quiet, precise and energetic performance.

The Earhart 88 has a vast range of excellent performance across a variety of surfaces and terrain conditions, which is really the holy grail of "all-mountain" ski design. The Earhart's ability to let the skier intuitively tackle smooth groomers, bumps, tree runs, big turns, small turns, cruddy snow, skied-out snow, soft snow and hard snow without the ski really having any shortcomings is impressive.  Squarely aimed at the majority of female resort skiers, Renoun's design achieves its target with a ski that feels intuitive, delivers a huge range of superbly mannered behaviors (thanks to the damping characteristics of the patented application of the HDT VibeStop material in the ski's core) and requires very little effort from the skier to achieve high levels of performance in many conditions.  With a "love them for three days on snow or return them for a refund"  policy, and a two year warranty, Renoun has a compelling ski that sets a reference standard for what "all-mountain" resort-oriented skis should do for their skiers.  We gave the Earharts a Distinguished Performance designation for their impressively wide range of superb performance in so many terrain and snow conditions for the women it was designed for.

Read the whole review of the Renoun Earhart HERE.

Skandinavia Drops Serious Skis Into The Market: Stereo Skis

Jens-Martin Johnsrud started Stereo skis in 2008 by making twin-tip wakeboards and brought his passion to snow skis with design help fron Norwegian ski champions. Jens-Martin has launched a full fleet of powder, freeride and carving skis designed in Norway and manufactured by the modern, renewable-energy powered Skandinavian ski facility at Åre Skidfabrik in Sweden.  We were lucky enough to discuss Stereo's skis and their introduction to a wider World market with Jens-Martin and Marshal Olson of the The Reimagining Retail Group who is dedicated to bringing Stereo into select retail shops in North America. (Marshal was previously Sales Director for DPS skis when they exploded from cult status to mainstream brand around the World...so he knows the industry and knows great skis when he sees them!)

Stereo Piste/RS skis sunning themselves in the Green Mountains of Vermont, USA.

Stereo Piste/RS, Stereo Piste V3, Stereo Apex


Marshal arranged to bring in 3 pairs of Stereo's models for us to test (the race-plated Piste RS for high-level GS carving, the versatile Piste V3 for all-mountain GS cruising and the jack-of-all-trades Apex all-mountain model).  Needless to say, we were blown away by the quality of the Swedish-built Norwegian designs and the frankly stunning performance each model delivered.  Never underestimate the ability of small companies to produce World-class products, and Jens-Martin's Stereo has really delivered.  Read the reviews of the Stereo Skis HERE.

Onyone Japanese Outerwear

Since incorporating in 1968, Onyone has been expanding their outerwear lineup and supplying international ski organizations such as the Liechtenstein national ski team, Japan Professional Ski Teachers Association, Swiss Ski School Association, Ski Association of Japan, Finnish National Ski Team and French National Mountaineering Ski School.  Onyone also creates custom althetic sports apparel in many other disciplines, so they have extensive experience and expertise in crafting clothing for active sports. 

We recently received a two-piece men's outfit to test and will be letting you know how it compares to other offerings by some of the larger brand names out there.  As a side, note, Onyone also contracted with Italian helmet/goggle/wax maker Briko to distribute their products back in 2005!

Image courtesy of Onyone Co., Ltd.

Image courtesy of Onyone Co., Ltd.

Whitedot Ronde 96 Ski Test

Whitedot's skis for "freetouring" have evolved from their original CarbonLite series of freeride skis to embrace the all-mountain touring demands seen around the World.  Whitedot took their skills at designing and constructing lightweight, agile freeride skis and created their Ronde freetour models.  These freetour skis have a signature aluminum skin clip tail insert, light construction for efficient uphill performance, and a polyvalent design to handle a wide variety of downhill surface conditions and terrain for alpine environments.  The goal is to design a ski to take out all day in the mountains and come back happy since the skis can handle all kinds of situations with reliable performance and predictable behaviors with a spunky fun feel for adventure.

Whitedot's Ronde 96 is indeed a light-feeling, agile and extremely friendly ski for backcountry, and it does a decent job in-bounds for resort iusage as long as you don't expect it to be a hard-charging race carver on the groomers or a rock-solid freight train powerhouse through cut-up conditions after everone has skied out the fresh powder.  It's agility and energetic feel in the tight trees makes it a nice choice when you clamp down your heel in woodsy conditions.  While a ski this light has some speed limitations in intensely hard, rough boilerplate conditions and becomes a bit loose at high-speed, GS-like pressure situations, it hits the mark as being a ski with a huge sweet spot for 95% of what every backcountry skier wants in a sub-100mm waisted ski for.  There are wider skis in the Ronde lineup (110mm and 108 [previous models])  if you adventures dictate a fatter ski with more mass underfoot for your type of skiing and downhill antics.  If you watch the sale page on the WhitedotSkis.com website, you can often find their Ronde series on sale for significant discounts.

See the full review HERE.

Whitedot Ronde 96 mounted with Salomon S-LAB MNC 10 bindings for backcountry


Italian Artistry: Craftsmanship & Peformance Of Zero Skis

Claudio Valsecchi and Andrea Bonacina created Zero Skis in Italy in 2011 to provide high-performance, top-quality skis with rare and artistically created topsheets to the luxury, high-end ski market around the World.  We were extremely lucky to get the opportunity to try two different models of their skis in the Alta Badia region of Italy for several days in pristine carving conditions. 

Zero Skis is aiming its products at the luxury market where names like Armani, Alfa-Romeo and Rolex are spoken, so this is not a budget-oriented, "value brand.."  With retail prices hovering around 1,300 - 1,600 Euros, Zero skis are expensive and specialized for their target audience.  Zero's founders promote their brand through marketing partnerships with luxury lifestyle clothing, automobile and travel companies who's clients would be receptive to the stunningly attractive skis Zero produces. 

We found the stunningly innovative and attractive slate-covered Zero Sten all-mountain ski and the gorgeously vibrant Zero Lignum race-carver to be  superb examples of the high-end luxury ski brand market with hot-rod performance on-snow and art-gallery appearance on and off-snow.  These are not fluffy cosmetic show skis, but true, died-in-the-wool Euro carving skis of the highest order topped with painstakingly crafted topsheets showing excellent attention to detail and finish quality.  If you want a stunningly beautiful and unusually-topped carving ski with top-shelf performance on-piste, Zero makes them, and makes them very, very well.....now, where did I park my Alfa....?

We were lucky to have Alia Radetti from Dream Beyond Travel volunteer to personally deliver two pairs of Zero's customized skis to us in San Cassiano Italy.  Zero Skis works with Alia's luxury travel company to enhance Alia's client experiences by providing exclusive skis for the vacations in the Alta Badia of Italy she arranges.  Dream Beyond provides exclusive, high-quality, "all-details-managed" vacation experiences for discerning clients, so providing exclusive, rare skis from an artisnal Italian ski company complements the service offering. 

Alia is a long-time ski racer and won an Italian freeride championship, so she knows skiing and what good skis can do for her clients.  Alia also picked up the test skis at the end of our trip to the Alta Badia, giving us a sample of the superb service Dream Beyond provides to its clients.  High-end skis coupled with high-end vacation planning creates a high-end ski vacation to create memories for a lifetime.  Welcome to the world of Zero Skis.

Read our reviews of the Zero Sten and Zero Lignum skis HERE.





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